Newest Body Of Work - “Austin Skylines

“Austin Skylines” is a detailed study of the constantly changing downtown landscape. It seems every week there’s a new crane on the horizon, and this body of work follows my signature style of continuous, single-line illustrations. Commissions available upon request. Click to view more of the Austin Skyline series.


Wildflowers” - 2019 Edition

Inspired by my backyard garden in South Austin, “Wildflowers'“ explores the delicate details of native Texas wildflowers found in their natural environments.

Click to view more from the Wildflowers series, and check out my State Flowers Coloring Book available for purchase in my Shop!


Girls” - 2019 Edition

The “Girls” series is one of my oldest bodies of art. These unapologetically raw creations focus on the realization that women viewed in pornography are usually perceived as mere objects.

My hope is that by re-creating these women in grotesquely beautiful and strangely familiar drawings, the viewer can step back from the imagery of naked females and reconsider what it means to pose nude for the visual stimulation of others. In addition to originals and prints, I’ve also created “Girls” on shirts, tanks and stickers!

Click to view the Girls 2019 series.


“Girls” Clothing - Available For Purchase In My Shop

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