Katie Dunkle is currently traveling on a country-wide journey in a solar powered Tiny House. Taking her studio on the road and out into nature, she creates her growing and divergent art portfolio as a full-time artist. She is an avid traveler and explorer of all kinds. Katie is focused on a new body of work entitled "Wildflowers" and is continually expanding on “Girls” which visually probes the indulgence of desire through blind-contour line drawings of the female figure. “Wildflowers” is influenced by the sprawling size and diverse landforms America has to offer, yielding a treasure of spectacular superblooms. Beautifully rendered with crisp lines and vibrant colors, they possess a sentimental essence, which makes a lasting impression. One could imagine how traveling is a muse of endless inspiration for an artist who is a lover of the natural environment. Katie exhibits and curates across the US.


Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography Savannah, Georgia 2012.

SCAD Study Abroad Program Lacoste, France 2011


2017 JUXTAPOZ MAGAZINE, Katie Dunkle's Erotic Contour Drawings



2017 "Artists of Crested Butte", Piper Gallery - Center of the Arts Crested Butte, CO

2017 "Flower Power", Art For the People Gallery, Austin, TX

2016 "Wildflowers" Solo Exhibition, Flight Path, Austin, TX

2016 "EAST Austin Studio Tour", The Moon Collective, Austin, TX

2016 "WEST Renegade Art Happening", Art For the People Gallery, Austin, TX

2016 "Flowers & Females" Solo Exhibition, Austin Art Garage, Austin, TX

2016 "Flesh" Duo Show, Wade ArtRoom, Austin, TX

2016 "Verge Art Events: Inaugural Event", Rising Sun Aikido Austin, TX

2015 "EAST Austin Studio Tour", Group Show Perch CoWorking, Austin TX

2015 "Secrets", Group Show Arc Gallery & Studios, San Francisco, CA

2014 "Company XX: An Exhibition Supporting the Local Female Art Community"; gallery curator, producer and featured artist.  Mammal Gallery Atlanta, GA

2012 “These Friends: A Culmination of our Collective Consciousness”; consisted of 43 artists and over 150 works of art that had an exceptional reception Savannah, GA

2012 “Entropy”, a solo mixed-media show of the subconscious act of image making, emphasizing the collision of abstracted analog medium and digital photography Savannah, GA

2011 "We Dream in the Daytime Too", Photobooth Exhibition, San Francisco, CA

2011 "Vernissage", A Collaborative Exhibition, Lacoste, France

Current Representation

Skyline Art Editions 2016


Austin Art Garage Austin, Texas 2015-2016


Colorspace Editions 2014-2016



2013 Emerging artist of Atlanta’s RAW: Natural Born Artist Community

2012 Photographer’s FORUM, Best of College Photography Contest

2011 Savannah College of Art and Design Silver and Ink Photography Exhibition

2009-12 SCAD Academic and Achievement Scholarships